Teachers shouldn't pay for books.


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Teachers spend too much on their classrooms.

The Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit with a goal of seeing to it that all public elementary school teachers are able to have books in their classrooms at no cost to themselves.

Teachers spend an average of $1000 a year for the classrooms
...which is about $1000 a year too much. 


While we aren’t able to get that number down to zero, we hope to be able to make it so that, at the very least, teachers don’t need to spend money on books.

The difficult part of this mission isn’t getting the books to give away. That is relatively easy.

There are two real problems we aim to solve.

The first one getting the teachers the books. In the past we have had local teachers come to our warehouse to get books, but that proved problematic.

Teachers already have enough to deal with, and many just didn’t have the bandwidth to do it.

To get around that problem we are shipping classroom sets of books directly to teachers. No bureaucracy , or meetings, or anything really.

It’s a very straightforward process that doesn’t require purchase orders, credit cards, or permission. We just get books to teachers.




The other big problem

...was letting teachers know this resource exists in the first place. Getting the word out about what we are doing is where we still need a lot of help.

That’s where you come in!

Help spread the word by sharing our website or our social media with all the teachers in your life. We want to run out of books....

We don’t think it’s possible, but we sure want to try.

Help us out by spreading the word!

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