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Teachers shouldn't have to pay for supplies..

Our foundation exists to put free classroom sets into the hands of teachers all around the country.

Teachers spend somewhere around $1,000 on classroom supplies a year. We think that's $1,000 too much, and while we can't give them all the supplies they need, we can certainly reduce that cost by offering them free books.

It is our goal to send 1,000 classroom sets of books to teachers in 2021. In 2022, we plan to send ten times that amount.

Our promise to you...
The only qualification you need is to be a teacher.

We only ask our sponsored teachers to pledge to do two things. Just two.
1.) Use the books for your classroom
2.) Give the books to your students as often as you can, as long as it makes sense to do so.

We know how it can be impactful it can be for students to keep the books they love.

If you do those two things, we promise to send you new sets every year.


Our foundation is made possible by Storybags.

Storybags is our family-owned online bookstore. Not only does Storybags donate all of the books to fill orders for classroom bookshelves, but 10% of every sale is also donated to our foundation to cover the costs mentioned above and to provide additional resources to support our cause.